When first learning about other home haunters and the awesomeness they are creating in their garages and basements, I came across a well known haunter PumpkinRot.  Seeing his work is what inspired me initially to become a home haunter.  Once I started to do a little more reseach, I learned about the haunt community and how many other crazed Halloween fans (other than myself) are out there! I have been inspired by so many of the other haunters and the amazing work they've done.  Another haunter I came across is Scott Stoll of Stolloween.  His paper mache techniques is what fueled the fire to get this baby started and how I learned a TON. Paper mache is something you have to have a shit load of patience for and it's a long drawn out process.  It took me forever to make just the head on this guy, but I wanted to learn more and know that when making him, he would last in my haunt for years.  He has some poor design qualities but those will be fixed for this years haunt!

In my video,  I give you a quick look at Rott and explain a little about how he was made.  He has been a huge leearning tool for me as I head full force into  home haunting.  I also show some work that still needs to be done as well as future plans.  I will be adding more to his display this year and am hoping to have the opportunity to create even more monsters/ props as big as he is. 


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